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Hungry Antwerp, an up and coming presence in Antwerp's culinary landscape, approached us with a vision to transform their brand into an immersive online experience. The challenge was clear: craft a digital platform that mirrors their passion for food, effectively showcases their story and services and celebrates Antwerp's amazing food scene. Our approach was holistic, merging aesthetics and functionality to create an intuitive and clean user experience. Our goal was to seamlessly guide visitors through Hungry Antwerp's offerings, encouraging them to explore and immerse themselves in the culinary experiences that our beloved city has to offer. Hungry Antwerp's new online presence has not only captured their essence but also transformed their digital space into an inviting destination for food enthusiasts, resulting in increased trust, engagement and a digital experience that truly resonates with their audience.

Challenge 1: Filling the gap left by Instagram's guide removal

Our challenge was to design and build a website for Hungry Antwerp that surpassed expectations and addressed specific challenges head-on. Notably, we aimed to fill the gap left by Instagram's removal of guides in December 2023. To achieve this, we integrated a custom interactive food guide, ensuring visitors could still explore the city's culinary wonders seamlessly.

An interactive guide where users can interactively explore the city's best spots

Challenge 2: Showcasing influencer capabilities

We seamlessly integrated Hungry Antwerp's Instagram feed into the website. This integration allowed real-time updates and engagement opportunities, enabling the brand to maintain its influencer status and connect effectively with its audience.

A live integration of the Instagram feed of Hungry Antwerp

Challenge 3: Promoting new services effectively

We strategically focused on presenting Hungry Antwerp's newly introduced services and value proposition. Through compelling visuals and informative content, we highlighted these services as essential components of the brand's expansion, increasing awareness and interest.

An overview of the proces

Challenge 4: Integrated webshop

To future-proof the website, we designed a webshop capable of hosting merchandise and different products. This addition not only provides a source of revenue but also ensured the website's long-term relevance and adaptability to  market trends.

Challenge 5:  A unique user experience

Our design embodies Hungry Antwerp's mission, vision, and brand identity. The result is a modern and clean interface that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the flavorful world of Hungry Antwerp. The results of our efforts were significant:

  • We successfully filled the void left by Instagram's guide removal, offering users a unique and engaging way to explore Antwerp's culinary scene.
  • The integrated Instagram feed allowed Hungry Antwerp to maintain their influencer status and engage with their audience effectively.
  • The prominent presentation of new services resulted in increased awareness and interest, contributing to brand growth.
  • The user-centric design not only reflected Hungry Antwerp's values and brand ethos but also provided visitors with an immersive and enjoyable browsing experience.

In conclusion, our partnership with Hungry Antwerp resulted in a dynamic and impactful website. We addressed and understood the unique challenges they faced and achieved tangible results that enhanced their online presence and brand recognition.

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